Who is the guy behind NoizeBusters?
My name is Ralph K. Freund and I have been a music producer in electronic music for about 20 years now. What I love, is to make music and to create sounds from everything that surrounds me.
At one point I started recording natural sounds and instruments. Tweaking these recordings with effects and tools to create new sonic dimensions was one of the reasons why I became a sound designer.
I hope you enjoy the packages I have created. Feedback is always welcome.
Thanks for checking out my products!

Also to be noticed: If you need Lessons in Music Production (Ableton Live, Logic, Bitwig, Mixing and Arrangement or whatelse you can think of in Music Production), let me know. NoizeBusters is offering Online Workshops. Send me a message and i will get you all information you need.

Thanks and enjoy making music.
Ralph Knobloch Freund